Massimiliano, top manager in consultancy, his wife Valentina, a former copywriter, with a passion for fashion, three wonderful children and a clear goal: the wish for change and for a common project.
Goganga is a story of talents: some already established, but always curious and eager to get involved again and others still unripe, but with a strong passion for fashion and for beauty.
It’s a story of love, friendship and sharing a dream, of optimism and hope for the future.
It’s in this story that souls unite and varying experiences meet to carry out an ambitious and creative project.
Thus is the origin of Goganga, with headquarters in the green and organized Switzerland , yet with its heart In the land par excellence of fashion, in Italy, where the taste for beauty and quality have remote origins and deep roots.

AgaMiR sagl

Via G. B. Pioda, 14
6901 Lugano (Svizzera)


Telephone: 0041 919126000

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